Crowdfunding marketing made easy
Create and manage marketing campaigns for your crowdfunding and ICO projects. Launch bounty campaigns or take part in them.
About us
Our vision
ICO marketing campaigns traditional tools are becoming too expensive. Our goal is to bring alternative marketing channels, such as bounties, to ICO and crowdfunding campaign managers, and make good projects stand out without them spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.
What is a bounty campaign?
In a bounty campaign people complete tasks and get tokens for their work. Campaigns are typically run by ICO bounty managers to increase the popularity of the ICO and reach a larger audience. Tasks can include anything, from translating official documents to writing project reviews.
What is BountyGuru?
BountyGuru is a marketplace which connects bounty managers and bounty participants. It makes setting up and running campaigns simple for managers, and makes participating in them easier.
Are you doing an ICO for BountyGuru?
Nope! We are currently focusing on developing the product and getting a larger userbase.
How can I join an existing bounty campaign?
You need to register on to be able to take part in various bounties.
How can I run a bounty campaign on BountyGuru?
To run a bounty campaign please e-mail
Is there a trial package?
We are offering a free 14-day trial for Basic and Adanced package for the first 50
Do I have to pay if I am a bounty hunter to use the platform?
Do I need a bounty manager for my campaign?
If you have no previous experience running ICOs or bounty campaigns, we would recommend getting a bounty manager. However, we have extensive tutorials available if you would like to manage the bounty yourself.
Which bounty types should I include in my campaign?
By default, all types are selected when a user creates a new campaign. However, you can select only the ones you require.
Get thousands of people doing tasks for you
People from all over the world will be doing tasks that will promote your project
You can get people doing all kind of promotional activities for you
Hundreds of real people active in the cryptocurrency space will be tweeting and retweeting your official ICO tweets. Get up to 50,000 extra tweet impressions per day.

Hundreds of real people active in the cryptocurrency space will be liking and sharing your posts. Get up to 10,000 extra facebook impressions per day.

Grow your telegram chat by 1,000+ members. Promote discussions in your chat and get feedback on your project from investors around the globe.
Increase your Medium account publicity by getting people liking and commenting on your posts.

Get your forum threads and official documents, such as whitepaper and onepager, translated into dozens of languages by native speakers.

Make people talk about you! Hundreds of bloggers and YouTubers will be reviewing your project, massively increasing your outreach.

Bitcointalk Signatures
Pay bitcointalk users to wear your banners, increasing your visibility on the largest crypto forum in the world
Community Managers
Find people to manage your local chats, from KakaoTalk and QQ to WhatsApp. Build your community across the world.
Custom Bounty
Require a special task? Quick set up and fast execution means you can use the expertise of bounty hunters to do all kind of work.

$349 / month
  • Access to the bounty manager toolkit
  • Ability to create and manage bounty campaigns
  • Full access to tutorials
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$2499 / month
  • Access to the bounty manager toolkit
  • Ability to create and manage bounty campaigns
  • Full access to tutorials
  • Automated checking
  • BitcoinTalk thread moderation
  • Experienced bounty manager attached to your project
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Our clients
We managed bounty campaigns for the following ICOs:
Distributed Credit Chain:
$49m raised
May 2018
$8m raised
April 2017
$3m raised
April 2018
$11m raised
April 2018
$560k raised
February 2018
$200k raised
January 2018
LH Crypto:
$11m raised
December 2017
$2.7m raised
November 2017
We plan to become a full-cycle crowdfunding marketing platform. Here is our plan.
2017 Q4
2017 Q4
  • Public release
  • Successful conduction of first campaigns on the platform
  • Adding social network checking automation

2018 Q1
2018 Q1
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Finalising automated checking
2018 Q2
2018 Q2
  • Smart contract integration for token distribution
  • Telegram / Slack API integration
  • Expected income calculator for bounty hunters

2018 Q3
2018 Q3
  • Integration with ICO platforms
  • Ratings of bounty hunters
  • Non-ICO bounty campaigns
2018 Q4+
2018 Q4+
  • Full-cycle crowdfunding marketing campaigns
  • Integration with AdWords and Facebook ads
  • Expert marketplace
  • Banner networks
Our contacts
Feel free to get in touch with us.
220 E. 23rd st #500, New York, NY 10010, USA

Ulitsa Krasnaya 13, Minsk, Belarus

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